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Anxiety and depression rates are at an all-time high and continue to rise.  There are two kinds of depression: hormonal and situational.

If it is a hormonal imbalance, you need to be on medication. Can’t do anything about it. Think of it like having high blood pressure, you need medication.

But if it is situational, we’ve got some good news for ya! It can be reduced or eliminated completely. YES, you read that right! 

Most of the world’s population struggles with situational depression, which can be treated without medication.  It means there was a starting point of your depression and different events made it get stronger and stronger to where you are at today. It could have started as early as when your mom was pregnant with you!

Situational depression is like a building that starts with one small room and grows into an entire complex. You might not even realize how bad it has gotten because you were born into this situation!

How could my depression or anxiety have started in the womb???

Brain development starts early in pregnancy, just three weeks after fertilization, and continues throughout the whole nine months.

At 6 weeks. The neural tube forms and closes. The brain is now made up of three areas (forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain).

The forebrain develops into the cerebrum, which controls certain brain functions, like thinking and problem-solving.

The midbrain is involved in processing visual and auditory information.

The hindbrain develops into the cerebellum, which manages balance and coordination, as well as the medulla, which is the control center for the body’s automatic activities, like blood pressure and heart rate.

So starting with when you are in the womb, you start picking up emotions. If the mother is experiencing any distressing emotions, even if it is just due to just being pregnant, they can be passed on to the baby. And lead the baby think to think I am not wanted I am not loved. And BOOM. The starting point of anxiety and depression took place.

Or it could have been your first birthday. Your parents threw you a party and you felt anxiety from being from all these new people.. and Now we have anxiety. 

But whaaaaat? how? I was a baby, I can’t remember that. 

Yes, you can!  Your brain remembers it all! Do you remember when you took your first step, said your first word, or read your first sentence? No, you do not, but your brain remembers it all. It is like a large database, holding on to every single emotion, and memory starting with the womb.

The good news with situational depression, we can reduce it or eliminate it completely and This is where EMDR therapy comes in.

EMDR utilizes the left and right brain to target all negative and distressing memories. You may not remember it but your brain remembers it all.  With EMDR therapy, we can automatically target all memories that have caused distress in your life and made your anxiety, depression, or PTSD worse. We can trace it back to as early as the womb. You do not have to have a memory of all the emotions or distressing events, your brain’s harddrive has stored it all. And great news for you, we can heal it all. We can heal that wounded inner child, the inner critic, the root of anxiety and depression. Any and all traumatic events.